Finding a used Bicycle

Didn't get a new bike under the tree this year? Try searching for one on an online classified such as Craig's List or Kijiji.

Craig's List is very bare-bone and quick to navigate. Toronto's bike listing easily sees between 20 to 30 new ads a day. Peterborough's listing however is pretty sparse.

Kijiji, which is a little prettier to use, is a great resource to find a used bike. While Peterborough doesn't seem to have caught on to Craig's List, Kijiji is quite heavily used and there are quite a few Peterborough Bike listings. It doesn't take too long to fall behind the GTA Bike listings as there are a few bikes listed every hour.

One frustrating aspect for neighbouring cities such as Bowmanville, Lindsay or Cobourg is that neither buy & sell lists you.

Currently, I have the Peterborough Kijiji feed running in the sidebar.