There is something special about a paddle. Chosen from specialty hardwood, it takes time to craft one. There are many variants, each suitable to different paddling styles and tastes. When you purchase one, you intend to keep it forever and keep it pristine. After transporting it in your vehicle or stowing it away for the season, it can take some knocks and scratches. Some blemishes tell a story, and some you wish didn't. Thankfully Badger Paddles, makers of beautiful paddles, have a solution for you... the Paddle Sock.


Simple enough to use, and rather inexpensive ($18.95) these stretchy socks fit all paddles under 65" in length and a blade width of 9". Slip the striped sock over the handle and fold any excess over the blade and cinch closed with the included drawstring.

They look great and let you stow your paddles away for the season without worry of them being marred by something in your closet. Even when transporting all your camping gear in the trunk of your car, again, just another layer of protection.

If you're stuck trying to find a unique gift for someone, this would fit the bill perfectly.