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Portage To 2017

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Portage To 2017

Each year we go through some of the biggest news items of the year so let's have a look back at what 2016 brought to the world of canoeing and camping...

The Canoe Emoji

After a long wait, the Canoe Emoji arrived.

2016 Canoeing Photo Contest

We had our most successful yearly Canoe photo contest ever with piles of photos being entered from all over Canada! Congratulations to the three winners and stay tuned for a Winter photo contest coming soon (plus start thinking about photos to enter into our 2017 Canoe photo contest as well).

The Canadian Canoe Museum

2016 was a big year for the Canadian Canoe Museum as they announced heneghan peng from Ireland as the architects for the new museum which should open in Peterborough, Ontario in 2020.

The Death of Royalex

We're finally over the 'Death of Royalex' with pretty much every canoe company finally releasing their alternative composite. Quebec manufacturer Esquif was the latest with their T-Formex canoes that started shipping in May.

A Paddling Prime Minister

2015 asked if our next Prime Minister would be a paddler... and in 2016 just as his father before him, the Trudeau legacy lives on as Justin appeared in a canoe a few times throughout the year.


One of the downfalls of Global Warming that is directly impacting Canadians in the outdoors is Lyme Disease. With our Winters being shorter and less harsh, ticks aren't dying off like they normally would. Now that they are more prevalent, so is Lyme Disease.

So here's a reminder to wear longer clothing on your hikes and portages this year. Thankfully 2016 brought us a Lyme Disease test to help put you at a little more ease.

Don't forget to wear bug spray too with DEET to help ward off those nasties!

BC Parks

BC Parks announced that they would be adding 1,900 new campsites over the next five years and also making some changes to their 2017 camping reservation system to hopefully resolve some of the common complaints that have been popping up.

BC Parks also set a reservations record in 2016 with about 72 per cent of those reservations were made by B.C. residents

Camping and Canoeing with our four-legged friends

We love camping and canoeing with pooches but it seems that somewhere in 2016, camping with Cats became a 'thing'.

Le Baron


We lost the Canadian outdoors chain Le Baron which had been in business for 58 years! I have a few friends that always looked forward to getting the yearly 2" thick catalog from them but will be shopping elsewhere this year.

The 3rd Rule of Canoeing

We learned the 'Third Rule of Canoeing' this year.

Personal Challenges

People were challenging themselves to spend more time outdoors in 2016 including canoeing 100 Lakes in 100 Day in Algonquin Park, and to spend 100 nights of the year camping.


While Hollywood and the Music industry mourn their losses, the canoeing community will miss Keith MacAllister owner of Langford Canoe who passed away due a battle with to cancer.

National Canoe Day

We were a part of the 2016 National Canoe Day celebrations as 138 canoes jammed the Peterborough Lift Lock, and it was also nice to see people out celebrating across Canada.


We all have a love/hate relationship with electronics in the outdoors, but there wasn't too much announced in 2016. Casio unveiled an outdoors watch, a portable microwave might come out in 2017, and probably the biggest news was that Garmin purchased DeLorme. It will be curious to see if any new GPS units next year include more of the technology to help save lives.

As for 2017...

Canoes seemed to be popping up in the news more often in 2016 and with 2017 being Canada's 150th, we're already starting to hear updates of even bigger festivities!

Camping seems to be on the rise across Canada with numerous parks celebrating record attendances. It seems with the growing price of gas, more and more families are vacationing closer to home and the trend will surely continue into 2017.

As for us, we've begun the task of re-exporting images and re-uploading them to older blog posts (starting with gear reviews). We’re always uploading images in web-friendly sizes so that all of our pages load quickly… but even over the course of a few years the older images are too small and you have to squint at them on modern devices.

We have big plans for 2017 with more trips and new content! Keep on sharing your images and stories with us and we hope to see you out there!